Thursday, December 9, 2010

El Christo de los Pescadores

We are working up a creative for the Gladewater Assembly of God Church. They gave us a lot of leeway with the design.  At the very Southern end of South Padre Island is a statue called El Christo de los Pescadores.  The memorial is located along the Brazos Santiago Pass and was donated to the Brownsville-Port Isabel Shrimp Producers Association by the De la Lastra Family in memory of Gustavo De la Lastra, November 15, 1961 - July 7, 1988 and Jose Edwardo De la Lastra, Deptember 25, 1963 - July 7, 1988. Around the base of the statue of Jesus is an inscription in both Spanish and English. The English version reads: "Father! Receive the souls of these brave fishermen who have sailed through this pass and never returned." Plaques inserted into the statue's base provide the names of all the fisherman who never returned.  Over the years Willie and I have taken many pictures of Jesus of the Fishermen.  I used one of these and a sunrise picture Willie took from our back balcony.  I combined these two photos for the background of this creative.  We plan to install it before the first of January.

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